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About Us

Computer Service Specialists, Inc. (CSS) was started in 1984 and incorporated in 1997. We are an independent, privately owned, full-service provider of computer equipment and support.

We specialize in working with small to medium sized organizations. Our clients include, but are not limited to, manufacturers, service and retail businesses, educational organizations, non-profit organizations, medical professionals, automotive and truck dealers, marketing and insurance agents, contractors and churches. The majority of our clients do not have the need for a full time IT Manager on staff and find it more cost effective to outsource their IT needs to us. We respect that responsibility and our goal is to build strong and continuing relationships with our clients. We work closely with our clients to develop IT solutions specific to their requirements and budget. We are very aware of, and sensitive to the fact that “one solution does not fit all”.

We employ technicians that posses a wide variety of technical experience and skills to ensure that we can address all IT requirements in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Our friendly technicians believe that it is not only their job to resolve computer problems, but also to work with the client to ensure that they understand the problem and the steps to the resolution. They discuss options and the related costs so the client is in control, with no surprises. We know that the world of computer technology is ever-changing and we strive to make sure that our technicians’ skills, education, and experience are kept up to current standards. This ensures that our clients receive the most up-to-date solution options and service.