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Network Design and Installation

We specialize in working with clients to design and install the most cost-effective and productive network specific to their requirements. We make sure that the network design and installation is well thought out, planned and integrated and not just “a bunch of computer equipment thrown together.”

We design networks that ensure functionality, performance, and productivity. After installation, we make sure that the network continues to perform at an optimal level with diligent maintenance and network administration plans tailored to each client. As an organization grows, we work with clients to integrate additional systems and equipment. We have worked with many clients to integrate remote locations to create one cohesive network.


IT Consultants

The IT consultants at CSS, Inc. can help your company find the proper solution to any network design issue. We believe the way to achieve this is through a thorough IT consulting process. Call our IT consultants at (262) 376-1300 to learn more.