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IT Consulting

We believe that any IT project will be more successful with proper planning. We stress to all clients the need for thorough on-site surveys and discussions about project requirements, expectations, budgets, and timelines. We don’t want to sell systems; we want to provide the proper solution and we believe the way to achieve this is through a thorough IT consulting process.

We have worked with many clients as they have prepared to move to a new location or expand existing locations. We can assist in all facets of network infrastructure management as your company grows or downsizes. Facility changes will go smoothly with the proper project management that we can provide. We know how frustrating it can be to work with the countless individuals at internet service providers (ISP), web hosting providers, and telecommunication providers to make sure that everything happens when it needs to happen. Our staff is experienced at orchestrating these changes. We arm ourselves with the necessary information and work on our client’s behalf with all of the involved parties to make sure that the required changes happen within the proper timeline.

We understand that computers and the Internet have become a critical component in running businesses. We are also well aware of the possible liability issues and problems with employee productivity that are associated with these technological advances. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have the best Computer Usage Policies and Practice Policies in place for their specific requirements.

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IT Support for Small Businesses

We specialize in working with small to medium sized organizations. Small businesses find that they do not have the need or resources for a full time IT Manager on staff and find it more cost effective to outsource their IT needs to us. Call our IT consultants at (262) 376-1300 to learn more.